October 2019

Advent – excerpt 2

With a jolt, Erika tumbled out of the dream, out of sleep. Her heart was pounding. Her throat was parched. She felt her skin and shuddered because it was icy. Throwing a glance at the window, she recalled she’d drawn the curtains because the night had been hot. It wasn’t now, and dawn slowly peeked through the sky. With a thug, she dragged the wrapper over her body and stumbled to the table. Nne insisted everyone kept water in their room before going to bed. Erika gulped with gratitude for that wisdom. Then she set back the stainless cup, and...

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Advent – a glimpse

Erika knew she was dreaming, like she did every time she dreamed. Behind the smoky wall of thin mist which kept her and the realm of dreams apart, the world before her was unfamiliar. It looked nothing like anywhere she’d been before. Curious, as she never ceased to be, and wary as some dreams had taught her to be, she drew near until there was but only a foot between her and the wall. Then she let her eyes roam and study. The stretch of land was a dense, peculiarly mixed forest. Trees, iroko, obeche, and others she couldn’t name,...

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