Just Deserts…on e-stores

Title : Just Deserts Genre : Romance Subgenre : Romantic Mystery Author : TM David-West Cover Design : TM David-West BLURB : Kammara Onochie has three things she valued above all else - a solid sense of self-worth, a career heading in the direction she wants, and the love of a good man. Then she is raped, and she can't recognise herself anymore. Traumatised, confused and in pain, she is desperate to find again the woman she once was. Chet Benson loves only one woman, and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. But...

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Pretend Engagement – 1

"I need you to be my boyfriend. Mario raised his head from the sales journal he was trying to update, which he hated that he had to, and slowly lifted his eyebrows. “Since when did they start adding alcohol to malt drinks?” “There’s no alcohol in this and I’m serious,” Callista said, her gamine round face serious. “You are serious about wanting…no, it was needing me as your boyfriend?” Since it had to be a joke, Mario grinned. “Okay, what else do you want, for me to marry you?” “Chukwudi is coming for Christmas.” As that bit of information meant...

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