Advent – Mystical Encounters 1

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Erika has the gift to see in dreams what is to come, and while this gift that has been in her from childhood makes her wary, nothing prepares her for meeting the strange woman from her last dream and realising she is on the run from a powerful sorcerer.

It gets worse when she is told, in another dream, that she must contend with the sorcerer to save the strange woman, Lota. And while Lota has the gift to manipulate dreams into whatever she wills, neither of their powers is strong enough to face off the sorcerer.

Advent opens the Mystical Encounters series where two women must recognise and accept who they truly are if they are to conquer a dark and malevolent spirit.


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2 reviews for Advent – Mystical Encounters 1

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    I have had the opportunity of reading several books by TM David West and Advent is by far my best. An extremely powerful story of a young African girl called to battle powerful forces beyond her world, facing even the darkest power ever known.
    And the journey has just begun and yet it has captivated me, all of me.
    TM David West moves away from the world of romance in this series and takes us through the world of mystical powers and encounters and it is daring, fearful, captivating and still very much entertaining.

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    mobolaji (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading Advert. It was the bomb. I can’t wait for ‘Bedevil’ to be out.

    I am also looking forward to see if Erica and Ifechi will end up together.

    Well done, TM! You really outdid yourself.

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