Not Fairy-Tale

Fejiro Oberabor didn’t consider it a loss when her boyfriend, Tega, broke up their relationship so he could date the woman his mother wanted.

She pulled through and landed on her feet when the new man in her life, Kane, started giving her the cold treatment after they had sex and she wound up pregnant.

But when she fell in love with Chef Cheta and realised that he was indeed the man her heart has been searching desperately for, she knew, beyond every doubt, that love, romance and happily ever after were not just fairy tales.

They were real… but only when if you wanted them enough to fight for them.

And while she was fighting in the one way she knew how to, Cheta Nnanna wasn’t convinced the romantic-head woman in his life was ready for true commitment… that is if he was ready to give it.

*** *** ***

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